Bolt Boutique


Ashley Futris - Owner

Hi, my name is Ashley Futris and I am the owner of the Bolt Boutique. For the last two years I’ve been working with my mom, Marcey, at SportHooks, and my sister and I even collaborated to bring you our home line of metal art, Kaktos Rose. Prior to that, you may know me as the girl who brought The Texas Food Truck Showdown to Waco. It’s time again for me to put my own spin on things, this time with Bolt!

I’ve always enjoyed purchasing gifts for friends and family, whether or not there’s an occasion. I’d often say — if professional gift giving were a job, I’d be all over it. Well, this is my chance to put my unique finds on display, and I hope you take as much joy in gift giving and treating yourself as I do!

So, why the name Bolt? While I was trying to come up with a clever and meaningful name for the store, I came across this quote and instantly knew...this is it. My hope is that Bolt is more than a boutique name, but a brand that deeply resonates with people:

“Always remember that you have lightning deep within your soul. An energy runs through your veins with the power to bring beauty and light to this world. Never dull your thunder, use your voice. Continue glowing, continue growing – never staying content for too long. Let the universe see what you’re made of. For you are influential, passionate, and strong — you can overcome anything that comes your way. Believe me when I say that you are made of lightning – impossible to forget and remembered by all.”

I am grateful for all of you, and for each of you being a reason I have taken this leap! 


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